Benjamin is a hedonist, passionate about wine and great food. His grandfather used to take him to visit the cellars of Saint Emilion. He collaborated with Chef Paul Pairet on his “Ultraviolet” project in Shanghai, a restaurant that won 3 Michelin stars!

During his studies, Benjamin met Jean Kérleo, the former perfumer of the house Jean Patou. The latter made him discover the world of perfumes, and it is thanks to this meeting that he wishes to become a perfumer.

He studied Chemistry for three years, then entered ISIPCA, the famous French Perfumery School in Versailles.

He was a perfumer for MANE in China from 2011 to 2016 for the Fine Fragrance and Home Fragrance category. Then, he moved to São Paulo for MANE Brazil in 2016 where he worked for Brazilian niche brands but also cosmetic brands. In 2021, his creative impulse led him to Dubai -the jewel of the Middle East!

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