On mount Meros, at the very place where the Earth had been struck by lightning, Dionysos was born, amid the clatter of fifes and drums.

However, it is in the mysterious region of Nysa that a young Dionysos had been taken in by the nymphs, benevolent divinities of ancient Greece, and from where he travelled the world to teach men about the wonders and fruits of the earth as well as the miracles of the vine.

His cortege is colorful, full of ecstasy and diverse perfumes, in the image of his youth.

Disheveled women and pot-bellied satires lead the way, marching without apprehension to the rhythm of panpipes and tambourines. Some say that during his visit in some city, inhabitants felt bewitched, charmed by myriads of scents that are hidden, forbidden, prohibited.

Everywhere, his arrival gives rise to sumptuous feasts where Dionysos presents himself standing tall, on a golden chariot, adorned with vine and ivy, pulled by velvet panthers.

He travels the world in a whirlwind of joy, chants and sensual dances, seeding the earth in spring and harvesting its fruits in autumn.

Of these legendary and sensual parties remain the scents of forgotten flavors. Thanks to an exceptional know-how, these divine aromas have been restored and their essences jealously preserved.

Nysos Perfumes, born from the meticulous researches by master perfumers, unveil their secrets with elegance, and offer a journey of the senses to a mythical time, with the fruity and colored fragrances of the gods of olympus…

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