Our mission is to make “niche” perfumery accessible to all.

Who doesn’t want to wear the best scents while paying a fair price? Our intention is to offer our customers fragrances of the highest quality, made from noble raw materials at a reasonable price.

For this reason, we focus on direct distribution to perfume chains. Hence, we halve the retail price to allow a wider audience to benefit from an affordable, environmentally friendly fragrance with exceptional quality.

The design of our products is deliberately sober and elegant to give pride to the delicate fragrances and the olfactory experience. 

Developed by internationally renowned master perfumers from singular and rigorously selected ingredients, each fragrance is exclusive and long-lasting.


Nysos’ ambition is to offer responsible products that respect the planet and people. We want to help create a more sustainable future in the world of fine fragrance.

  • Nature is our greatest inspiration. Our fragrances use a maximum of natural components that respect the environment. 
  • Our ingredients are sourced from responsible and sustainable agriculture to preserve resources and biodiversity.
  • Animal welfare is a cause that is dear to our hearts. Our perfumes are Vegan. They do not contain any animal material and are not tested on animals.
  • Our products are free of colorants and stabilizers and with a high concentration (between 20 and 22% PV). 
  • We want to participate in a circular economy by creating jobs and value in different regions of the world.
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